Our Vision

A caring and healthy community that people grow towards the wholeness of life with physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellness.

Our Mission

The mission of the Living Water Counselling Centre (LWCC) is dedicated to help individuals, couples, and families of Chinese ethnics with life situations to grow towards wholeness of life through Counselling/Psychotherapy, Spiritual Formation, Education, and Training.  In addition, we endeavour to build a caring and healthy community through partnerships with social services networks, Christian communities, and multi-disciplinary professionals.

Living Water Counselling Centre is a professional counseling organization driven by the spirit of the love of Jesus Christ for humankind.  We also provide public education workshops and other professional services.  We value and believe in the wholeness (physical, mental, social, and spiritual) of life, family values and functions to be preserved, marriages to be enriched, broken relationship to be restored, soul to be healed, and spirituality to be grown, with dedication to strengthen the wellness of individuals, couples, families and groups for the building of a caring and healthy community.

Our History