Telephone counselling/Psychotherapy Services


Telephone counselling is another means to provide counselling services to our clients. Studies show telephone counselling can be effective 1.  LWCC is offering telephone counselling service to complement our standard practice of face-to-face counselling service to continue support our community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there is potential risk of telephone counselling due to our lack of control over technology and the environment at client’s end which may potentially compromise privacy and confidentiality. Client also needs to have access to a reliable phone in a safe and private location, away from the risk of eavesdrops by others.

For enquiry of telephone counselling service, please call 905-763-0818 for intake worker.

電話輔導是向客戶提供心理治療服務的另一種方式。研究表明電話作心理治療可以有效 1泉源輔導中心除了服務的常規做法現正還增設電話輔導/心理治療服務為互補方式,以在新冠病毒疫情期間繼續支我們的社區。



Frequently Asked Questions


A1: Our standard counselling fee is C$120 for 50 minutes.

A2: We offer a sliding scale fee subsidy for client who has the financial needs. Our Intake Worker will explain to you in more details if you ask for it.

A3: We will usually respond within 48 hours.

A4: Our Intake Worker will first understand your presenting issue first and see if our available services will meet your services needs or not. Then we will find you a suitable counsellor or else will refer you out for suitable resources. We don’t have any waiting list and will try our best to meet your needs.

A5: All our counsellors are Christians. We provide professional counselling/psychotherapy services to  both Christians and general publics disregard of their religion. We respect diverse faith background of our clients.  When a counsellor is assigned to you, please discuss your needs with your counsellor.

答1: 我們的輔導 /心理治療標準收費為每50分鐘加幣120元。

答2: 我們為有需要的客戶提供滑動折算補助費。 如果你有需要, 我們當值的輔導員將會向你詳細解釋。


答4: 我們當值的輔導員, 會先行了解你的問題 , 看我們的服務是否適合你的需要, 才安排合適的輔導員/心理治療師約見,否則會作適當的轉介。 我們的服務無需長期等候,並會盡力協助滿足你的需要。

答5: 我們的輔導員都是基督徒, 同時為基督徒群體及公眾提供專業輔導服務, 並尊重各人不同的信仰, 對個人有關的需要, 可與安排約見的輔導員探討。