Mindfulness Series Course 「正念/靜觀」系列課程

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (Canto) 靜觀認知療法 (粵語)

科學研究顯示,「靜觀」有助提高注意力, 改善工作記憶, 減少負面想法, 減輕壓力和舒緩情緖.

對象: 特為移民加國(3年內)的個人或家庭以設

日期:2022年8月26日(五) (線上ZOOM進行)

時間:晚上7:30 – 晚上10:00 全
日課: 待定 (早上10至下午4時)
費用: $200 (原價) (費用受保於一些健康保險員工計劃)
Instructor 導師: Cephas Lee (靜觀導師), B.S.W., R.S.W., B.T., M.S.S.A.P. (畢業於牛津靜觀中心暨香港靜觀中心)

Circles of Practice (Canto) 正念靜觀學員實踐小組 (粵)


Do you find it challenging at times to keep regular mindfulness practices or to apply it in daily life on your own. 您是否有時會發現獨自保持定期的正念/靜觀練習或將其應用到日常生活中具有挑戰性?

The Circle aims to support your ongoing practice, enjoy practicing with others, and to integrate mindfulness into daily life. 本課程旨在支持您保持習,享受與他人一起練習的樂趣,並將正念/靜觀融入日常生活。 

For participants that completed at least one mindfulness course. 給完成至少一門正念/靜觀課程的參

Date 日期2024-1-27 to 2024-11-23 (Bimonthly 4th Sat. 雙月第四週六)
Time 時間: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Location 地點: Online 網上
Fees 費用: $150 (本課程的收據可能適用於僱員輔導健康計劃(EAP)或其他保險計劃、或加拿大. 國稅局(CRA)作為醫療費用 (Receipts issued by this course may be covered by EAP or insurance program or CRA as medical expenses)
Instructor 導師:Facilitated by Natalie Cheung 劉慧玲 女士, Certified Mindfulness Facilitator (MSW, RSW)

(For Members & Online Registration Only 只限會員參加及網上報名)

MINDFULNESS-BASED COGNITIVE THERAPY: Mindful Way to Manage Stress, Anxiety, Uncertainty 正念/靜觀認知治療課程 - 處變不驚

Date 日期:
2024-7-10至 2024-10-16 (星期三 隔周上課)

Time 時間: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Location 地點: Online 網上

Fees 費用: 共8節$192 (舊⽣/義⼯可獲減費$20, 費⽤可受保於⼀些健康保險計劃或作醫療⽀出報税 8 Sessions $200 with discount to past participants & volunteers.  Fees may be covered by health insurance plan or CRA medical expenses.)

Instructor 導師:Facilitated by Natalie Cheung 劉慧玲 女士, Certified Mindfulness Facilitator (MSW, RSW)

八堂內容/ Content for 8 classes:
1. 覺察潛在死穴 Awareness of Autopilot
2. 與痛友善同在 Being with Pain at ease
3. 釋放困擾認知 Gathering the Scattered Minds
4. 化困擾為平靜 Recognizing and Being with Aversion at Peace
5. 接納卻尋更新 Allowing things the way they are
6. 困擾中尋智慧 Thoughts are Not Necessarily True
7. 细味欣賞人生 Taking Best Care of Myself ( Savouring/Gratitude)
8. 持續知行一致 Maintaining and Extending the New Learning from this class