Learner's Responsiblities

Timely Access to Moodle

  • Zoom links (if applicable) will be released through email announcement 2-3 days before the scheduled class.
  • Log in promptly to access resources or review pre-recorded videos within the specified period before expiration.

Confidentiality of Information

Refrain from sharing Moodle passwords, course notes, PowerPoint presentations, materials, or Zoom links without explicit permission from LWCC.

Respect for Privacy and Security

Understand the critical importance of maintaining privacy and security during online sessions. Exercise caution regarding potential compromises in PHIPA compliance through the use of telecommunication devices.

Active Participation and Communication

Engage in discussions, seeking clarification when needed. Provide constructive feedback to enhance the learning experience.

Usage Disclaimer

Acknowledge that LWCC courses are for educational purposes only. Do not use the information as a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment of health or mental health issues.

The administration reserves the right to issue warnings, revoke learning opportunities, dismiss from enrolled courses, or terminate the Moodle account for any violations of the aforementioned guidelines.

準時進入 Moodle平台

  • Zoom 連結(如果適用)將在課程開始前 2-3 天通過電子郵件公告發布。
  • 及時登錄以獲取資源或在指定期限內檢閱預錄的視頻。


未經泉源輔導中心明確許可,請勿分享 Moodle 密碼、課程筆記、PowerPoint演示文稿、材料或 Zoom 連結。


在線課程中保持隱私和安全的至關重要性。要保持謹慎, 特別使用電信設備可能導致洩漏《個人健康資料私隱條例》(PHIPA)的情況。





如有違反上述規定,行政人員有權發出警告,取消學習機會,解除已註冊課程資格,或終止Moodle 帳戶。