Counselling/Psychotherapy/Marriage & Family Therapy

LWCC provides professional counselling/psychotherapy/pre-marital, marriage and family therapy for individuals, couples and families, helping them deal with their emotions and their relationships – with their spouses, and extended families.

泉源輔導中心為個人、夫婦婚前/婚後、家庭提供專業輔導/心理及家庭治療, 幫助使用者處理情緒與配偶/延伸家庭的關係。

We have capped the standard rate of fees for counselling/psychotherapy that applies to all, including those under the Employee Assistance Program and “Congregational Assistance Program-Multi-lingual” with churches and Christian organizations. To remove the barriers from seeking help,  we offer a sliding scale subsidy for those with financial difficulties that based on an individual’s or family’s ability to pay as indicated by CRA-Notice of Assessment. LWCC offer affordable service fees for groups, courses, trainings and spiritual direction. In addition, we also provide free services such as intake consultation, one day counselling clinic, educational workshops/seminars, women holistic health support group and etc.  Please call in for the details of services fees. 

我們以標準劃一輔導收費,給所有服務使用者和僱員保險援助計劃(EAP)。為消除受助阻礙,我們為經濟有困難者,設「滑動付費量表」 (Sliding Scale),按個人或家庭支付能力(稅局 – 評估通知單)來申請減費。 「泉源」專業的小組,課程, 培訓和靈程導引等服務收費相宜。此外,我們還提供一些免費服務,如輔導諮詢及轉介,一天免費輔導日,公眾教育講座/研習會,婦女全人健康支持小組等。有關各項服費收費, 歡迎致電查詢。

All personal health information about clients and counselling sessions will be kept confidential in according to Personal health Information and Protection Act (PHIPA). 


Cantonese, Mandarin, and/or English as required.

粵語,國語, 英語。

Phone: 905-763-0818

Office Hours:  Monday to Friday  10:00am – 6:00pm

Hours/Location:Call in for free intake assessment and by appointment (open some evenings and Saturdays).

Counselling Format: In-person (inactive during pandemic), telephone, and online video counselling.

Change/Cancellation:Usual counselling fee will be applied if notice is less than 24 hours.


辦公室時間: 10:00am-6:00pm (週一至週五)

輔導時間/地點:需預約安排(開放某些晚上及週六), 設有輔導區站。

輔導形式: 面談(疫情期間暫停), 網上電話或視像輔導。


Service Categories 輔導服務分類

Please call for free enquiry. 歡迎免費查詢 905-763-0818

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Individual/Couple/Family Counselling/Psychotherapy


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Testimonials 受助者見證