Personal Growth 個人成長

MBTI Understanding Personality & Growth (Canto) 性格認知與成長(粵)

Why does one’s path in life seem to become more narrow over time? As it turns out, our abilities to broadening our horizons and reach out to others was always within ourselves. MBTI (16 Temperaments) is an effective, concise, and easy to use personality analysis tool in North America that will be used to help us understand ourselves and the dark side of our temperament (shadow). This course helps participants recognize their potential in life based on their personality, develop their inferior functions, and to build up the self and others.

有云:人生的道路怎麼越走越窄?原來曠闊視野,達己達人的出路就在自己。MBTI(16種性情)是北美有效的性格分析工具,幫助我們認識自己及性情中的陰暗面(shadow),簡明易用。此課程幫助參加者認識自己性情中的生命潛力,發揮劣勢功能(inferior function),擴闊助己助人的境界。



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