20th Anniversary

  • 整合情緒健康與靈性成熟,籌劃擴展,回應時需成立 20 週年慶 (2006),舉辦 「心靈洞悉,全人成長」國粵語大型研討會及晚宴
  • 增聘同工,加設「靈命塑造」(Spiritual Formation),「關懷人課程」教會版,又「見彩虹」失婚復康及「男女 EQ」等課程,並「靈程導引」(Spiritual Direction) 服務
  • 遷入新租用辦事處 165 East Beaver Creek Rd., Units 9 & 33, Richmond Hill 擴展事エ,策動購買計劃
  • 成為「華人精神健康計劃」(CMHI – Chinese Mental Health Initiative) 成員,及開展「教牧關顧互動坊」,加強與專業同儕和教牧人員在心理和心靈關顧及培訓上的對話和合作
  • Celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a public symposium on holistic personal growth, conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin, and a banquet.
  • Added staff and a Spiritual Direction ministry; started courses in Spiritual Formation, Recovering from Divorce and Male & Female EQ, and a Caregiver course for churches.
  • Moved to a new rental location at 165 East Beaver Creek Road, Units 9 & 33 in Richmond Hill and commenced plans for purchasing the 2 properties.
  • Joined the Chinese Mental Health Initiative (CMHI); started a support group for church pastors to promote dialogue and collaboration in psychological and spiritual caring and related training.